The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.
- Albert Schweitzer
Integrity can be neither lost nor concealed nor faked nor quenched nor artificially come by nor outlived, nor, I believe, in the long run, denied.
- Eudora Welty
Ethical decisions ensure that everyone’s best interests are protected. When in doubt, don’t.
- Harvey Mackay
The Ethix range of customisable internal marketing communication elements
Choose from a range of supporting communication elements which can be customised to your organisation’s branding to create a unified set of communications:

  • Email templates
  • Digital banners
  • Screensavers
  • Posters
  • eCards
  • Microsites
  • Social media templates
  • Checklists
  • Letterheads
  • Memos
  • PowerPoint presentations
We also offer Ethix sessions – a selection of custom ethics events that includes industrial theatre, coffee sessions and networking events.
If there are any elements your company requires that aren’t listed above, talk to us.